Killer Bunnies Quest Ominous Onyx Booster

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Killer Bunnies Quest Ominous Onyx Booster

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Sku : PLE49100


  • Take your bunnies to the far reaches of the Earth to solve the riddle of The Mysterious Places!
  • Discover the near limitless powers of the Extra Super Bunnies!
  • The Ominous Onyx Booster Deck adds a hefty 110 cards to your existing set, 12 Mysterious Place cards, 9 colored Chips, and a Yellow Ball with a Red Stripe.
  • Just count the number of bizarre bunnies in this deck including Ambassador Bunny who lives with an opponent, Brundle Bunny who can escape any weapon but gets extremely hungry, and Bunny Detroit who can only be attacked by a Mom.
  • Can you determine the Fifth Element (I thought it was Boron) or Follow The Queen to safety?
  • Confiscate the Carrots of a Goody Two Shoes or trade unwanted cards with Dark Violets.
  • Perhaps you'll rule the military with President Ficus or lose your rank with a Court Marshall.
  • The Bunny Circle may be suddenly cleared by an Extremely Terrible Misfortune or players may have to start dancing the Time Worf.